Treating Oil Sands Wastewater

Students learn about the water contamination from oil sands and how scientists are helping to clean it up.

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Treating Oil Sands Wastewater


Printed copies of news article found here:; Technology and Wastewater.pdf; Quirks and Quarks Interview with Dr. Dianne Orihel:
Western STEM Connection
  1. Students read the following article from The Conversation focused on Dr. Dianne Orihel’s work on how new technology makes wastewater from the oil sands safer for fish:
  2. To learn more students can also listen to the following Quirks and Quarks interview with Dr. Dianne Orihel focused on this study:
  3. After reviewing the materials teachers leads a discussion with students focused on how technology is being used to help us adapt to and mitigate the impact of contaminants and other stressors on the environment. Students can share other examples they are aware of and reflect on the Law of Water relates to this topic.
Optional Extension:

Students research the use of technology to mitigate environmental impacts and report back to the class