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Whether your visit is for self-exploration of the property, staff-led biodiversity programming or an overnight conference or retreat, all users must register their intent to visit and are expected to be familiar with the provisions outlined in the User’s Guide for Elbow Lake. In addition to providing key information about the facility, including helpful tips on how to plan and what to pack for your visit, this guide also outlines the rules we expect all patrons to abide by.


The ELEEC is available for use by academics, educators, schools, government and non-governmental organizations, not-for-profit organizations and community groups. As an educational institution, we regret that the ELEEC is unable to host visitors for private recreational use. A variety of accommodation options exist within the local community for those seeking a vacation or retreat destination.

All inquiries and bookings are to be directed to the Elbow Lake Operations & Maintenance Coordinator.


To support teaching and learning, and environmental outreach and conservation, the ELEEC offers an affordable rate for educators and conservation partners visiting the Elbow Lake property for purposes consistent with our Mission. A competitive rate is provided to other organizations seeking a unique venue for their next conference, retreat or workshop.

All visitors booked to the ELEEC are granted access to washrooms and kitchen space, most often in the Pavilion but occasionally directed instead to the Day Lodge; basic facility amenities such as on-site parking and waterfront use (fully-equipped canoes, beach) are included with the cost of use. Additional amenities may be available upon request; fees apply.

Various additional levels of day use fees are offered:

For those staying overnight, the cabin rate includes use of the Pavilion on the shoulder days of their stay; additional fees apply if programming or additional building space is desired. While multiple groups may be hosted on site at one time, a “full facility” booking of 10 cabins guarantees exclusive use of the ELEEC by that group – outside users are denied access to the facility during that time.

A non-refundable 20% deposit is required to hold all overnight and building-based day use bookings. 

Prices do not include HST.

2023 Winter Operating Season

(Thanksgiving to April 31 annually)
  Cabins Day Use Fees Firewood Campsite
  (per night) Pavilion Day Lodge Rec Hall Nature Centre (per bag) (per night)
Queen's University / Registered Charity $91 $123 $70 (No water but heated) $33 FREE (upon request) $8.00 $26
Other $101 $140 $70 (No water but heated) $43 FREE (upon request) $8.00 $26

2023 Summer Operating Season

(May 1 to Thanksgiving annually)
  Cabins* Day Use Fees Firewood Campsite
  (per night) Pavilion Day Lodge Rec Hall Nature Centre (per bag) (per night)
Queen's University / Registered Charity $65 $102 $59 $27 FREE (upon request) $8.00 $26
Other $86 $115 $70 $32 FREE (upon request) $8.00 $26

Staff Cabin is an additional $15/night due direct access to bathroom and kitchen facilities in the cabin.

2023 Outreach Programming Fees

  Day Use Fees With Overnight Rental
  Full Programming **
(4-5 hours)
Single Program or Outdoor Interpretive Tour (2 hours) Day Use, with amenities  Self Use, no amenities Full Programming
School / Class / Other $14/student, $0/teacher $7/student, $0/teacher (min fee $100) N/A  FREE upon registration $10/student, teachers FREE

 Rentals and Services

Canoe Instruction (ORCKA Certified Instructors) Cost varies depending on course, please contact us for more information
Snow Shoe Rental (day rental) $10/day rental
Audio/Visual Equipment Rental $20/day rental

* See Operating Season rates for facility rental fees.

**minimum fee $200 for Full Programming & Cancellation Policy

Cancellation Policy

A minimum of seven (7) working days notice is required for cancellation. If the ELEEC is notified of the cancellation less than seven working days in advance of the scheduled visit, a cancellation fee of $50 will be charged. 

Education staff will make contact by 7:00 am the morning of your trip, if we need to re-schedule the program in case of inclement weather or cancel due to severe weather. There will be no charge for a cancellation made due to severe weather conditions.

The Summer season runs from May 1 until Thanksgiving, and the Winter season runs from mid-October until April 31. Check in time is 4pm and check out time is 11:30am.  Please let us know if you wish to arrive earlier and/or leave later, as additional fees apply.  The higher costs in winter reflect the additional cost to heat individual cabins plus the main Pavilion – as a result, only bookings of four cabins or more will be considered during the Winter season.

The Day Lodge and Rec Hall may only be booked for additional meeting/kitchen space for “full facility” bookings (Pavilion plus 10 cabins). Similarly, camping may only be permitted as supplemental accommodation during “full facility” bookings, or by users requiring a campsite for teaching purposes (e.g., outdoor education, scouts groups). Because ELEEC doesn’t normally maintain campsites, these must be requested at least one week in advance of your visit, after which time the full campsite fee is non-refundable. Our Campsite policy is as follows:

Protecting the ecological integrity of the Elbow Lake property is of utmost priority, and this goal defines our Firewood policy. Because the spread of many harmful invasive species – Emerald Ash Borer (Agrilus planipennis) in particular – is facilitated by the movement of wood, we do not permit firewood to be brought onto the property; as a nature reserve, no species – tree wood included – can be taken off the property. While small deadfall (fallen twigs, branches) near the communal firepit may be collected for kindling, larger deadfall is not to be taken. The wood sold at ELEEC is harvested from dead/hazard trees within the bounds of the facility, and is of high quality.

Should staff be required to attend to housekeeping matters resulting from the carelessness of guests (e.g., garbage left behind, unclean cabin, dogs brought into non-pet-friendly cabins), a minimum $50 Cleaning Fee will be applied to the final invoice. The ELEEC is for all to share – please do your part to leave the facility as clean as you found it.