Culminating Task: Town Hall Meeting

Students take on the role of different people/animals affected by a water issue and have a town hall meeting to discuss its impacts.

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Culminating Task: Town Hall Meeting


Computers for research;Costumes (optional)
  • Teacher organizes a town hall meeting, choosing a topic for discussion (listed below).
  • Each student takes on the role of a being affected by the topic ie: water, fish, osprey, local Member of Parliament, industry leader, community member, mother, student, farmer, etc.
  • Each student must clearly articulate how the being they represent is impacted by the issue drawing on Indigenous land-based knowledge and Western science.
  • Students must also develop a position statement regarding how they believe the issue can be resolved in a good way (again incorporating an understanding of both Indigenous land-based knowledge and Western Science). A similar activity can be found in the following lesson plan: Woodland Caribou Independent Study 1 | our incredible world 
Potential Topics for discussion:
  • Nestle’s Ontario Water Problem
  • Kinder Morgan Pipeline
  • Grassy Narrows
  • Lake Manitoba
  • Victoria Harbour
  • Six Nations water crisis (90 min from Toronto without access to clean water)
  • Constance Lake First Nation (Blue green algae bloom)
  • Maori (Watershed work and natural governance system)
  • Tyendinaga (Lack of access to clean water)