Culminating Task: Spreading the Word about Invasives

Students pick an invasive species to research and report on. Research must touch on the impact the species has on Indigenous land-based practices and how management practices are informed by both Indigenous and non-Indigenous ways of knowing.

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Culminating Task: Spreading the Word about Invasives


•Computers to conduct research •Materials students require to display their learning
  • Students pick an invasive species to study (could be terrestrial, aquatic, microbial plant and/or animal):
  • Students report on:
    • Why the species is invasive.
    • The species impact on people and on traditional Indigenous practices.
    • How invasive species are being managed from both Western and Indigenous perspectives.

Students create:

  • An action plan on how to raise awareness to public.
    • Students will choose whether they want to work alone, in pairs or in groups.
    • Students will choose how they want to show their knowledge ie: pictures, drawings, maps, story. There is an opportunity here to bring in the Arts. Ie: interactive maps, storyboard/comic books etc.
    • Students will be expected to share their information with other students. For instance, grade 9s could:
      • put up their displays in the school hallway or library to allow other students in the school to learn.
      • Display their work in their school for Grade 8 School Preview Day.
      • Host a “Invasive Species Fair” and invite parents, and community members to learn about their projects.
      • Use technology (for students who don’t want to present in person.)

Please note that the learning represented in this task reflects Big Idea C. in the Indigenous Knowledge Learning Bundle: “Reciprocity, Interdependence, and Holism are at the Heart of Indigenous Ways of Knowing and Being”. To help your students learn more about these concepts foundational to Indigenous ways of knowing and being check out the Learning Activities titled: Holism, The Honorable Harvest, and Our Responsibilities found in the Indigenous Ways of Knowing and Being with the Natural World Learning Bundle (Grades 7-10).