Culminating Task: Spreading the Word about Invasives

Students pick an invasive species to research and report on. Research must touch on the impact the species has on Indigenous land-based practices and how management practices are informed by both Indigenous and non-Indigenous ways of knowing.

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Culminating Task: Spreading the Word about Invasives


•Computers to conduct research •Materials students require to display their learning
  • Students pick an invasive species to study (could be terrestrial, aquatic, microbial plant and/or animal):
  • Students report on:
    • Why the species is invasive.
    • The species impact on people and on traditional Indigenous practices.
    • How invasive species are being managed from both Western and Indigenous perspectives.

Students create:

  • An action plan on how to raise awareness to public.
    • Students will choose whether they want to work alone, in pairs or in groups.
    • Students will choose how they want to show their knowledge ie: pictures, drawings, maps, story. There is an opportunity here to bring in the Arts. Ie: interactive maps, storyboard/comic books etc.
    • Students will be expected to share their information with other students. For instance, grade 9s could:
      • put up their displays in the school hallway or library to allow other students in the school to learn.
      • Display their work in their school for Grade 8 School Preview Day.
      • Host a “Invasive Species Fair” and invite parents, and community members to learn about their projects.
      • Use technology (for students who don’t want to present in person.)