Water in Ceremony

Students learn about Indigenous ceremonies that are related to water. Students research another culture’s ceremonies related to water and share them with the class.

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Water in Ceremony


Computer and projector for presentation; Water in Ceremony.pttx; Computers for research

An Indigenous community member should be invited into the learning environment to help students learn about the role of water in ceremony.

  • Students review the Water in Ceremony.pptx to learn about the role of water in different Indigenous ceremonies. Ie: water walks, wild ricing ceremonies, sweat lodges, fasts, etc.
  • Students choose another culture they would like to learn more about. It could be their own culture or a culture they are interested in.
  • Students do independent research (either by talking to family members and friends or through more formal research) to determine the role water plays in the culture they chose.
  • Students share their findings with each other during a class Talking Circle (instructions regarding how to conduct a Talking Circle with students in a good way are included in the Teacher’s Guide). Through this process the class comes to see how water is significant for many different cultures including local Indigenous groups.