Minds On: Smudging

Students are introduced to the Anishinaabe practice of smudging and reflect on how its teaching to see and hear the best in others and speak about others with kind words can inform how students engage in the learning in this Bundle.

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Minds On: Smudging


Video segment in ten-minute video accompanying this Learning Bundle depicting community member Deb St. Amant speaking about smudging; Student worksheet on smudging.

We recommend inviting an Indigenous community member into the learning space to help facilitate this learning activity.

  • Teachers introduce the Anishinaabe practice of smudging (ie: the process and why it’s done). Students will learn this by watching a video segment embedded in the ten-minute video accompanying this Bundle featuring Anishinaabe Knowledge Keeper Deb St. Amant leading a smudge. Alternatively, if circumstances are appropriate an Indigenous community member can lead a smudge in person with the class.
  • Teacher (or community member) talks to the students about how smudging prepares individuals to start their day off in a good way.
  • Students can learn more about smudging by reviewing worksheet focused on smudging in the Smudging Infographic.
  • Teacher asks students if they have any things/rituals they like to do from their own cultures that help them to enter into a situation in a good way. Students can share these practices with each other through a group discussion. 
  • Teachers explains to students that through the practice of smudging we are able to enter into the learning with eyes that see the best of one another, ears that hear the best, mouths that say kind words, and an open heart etc. 

Teachers explain that throughout the learning in the Bundle, the class should all try to see the best in one another, hear the best in the words of others, say kind things, and have an open heart.