Can you Recognize your Relatives? Why Does it Matter?

Students are asked to identify different logos, plants, and animals and reflect on why in our culture we are more familiar with corporate logos than we are with local plant species.

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Can you Recognize your Relatives? Why Does it Matter?


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Worksheet will be made available in the Logo/Plant/Animal Flashcards that lists 16 corporate logos, 16 local plant species, and 16 local animal species.

  1. Teacher reviews the worksheet with students asking them to identify as a class what they see. Most classes can identify many more corporate logos than plant/animal species.
  2. After activity teacher asks students if they can name and locate three plants within a 5-minute walk of the school?
  3. Class discussion: Teacher explains to students how the average person can identify up to 100 corporate logos but only 1-2 local plant species (number one being Christmas tree). Why might this task be difficult for most of us?  Why don’t most of us know or care about the plants in our own neighbourhood?