ELEEC Volunteer Work Bee – Success!

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ELEEC Volunteer Work Bee – Success!

Our 2013 Fall Volunteer Work Bee was a success! A hard-working team of 14 volunteers helped accomplish a variety of end-of-season tasks: together we sealed gaps in the walls of the log Nature Centre cabin, weeded among the patio stones outside the Pavilion, trimmed the base of Cabin 9 with tin to discourage grazing porcupines, raked leaves and cut grass on the campsites and tidied up the lawns, applied another coat of protective stain on the outdoor furniture, and we gave Cabin 7 and Cabin 8 each a thorough cleaning. Many, many thanks to everyone who came to help, traveling from Kingston, Yarker and Ottawa to lend a hand — your participation in this event was much appreciated by Elbow Lake Environmental Education Centre staff.

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