Winter 2016: Feeder Birds Workshop

The bird activity and diversity at the Pavilion feeders never fails to captivate our visitors’ attention.  Individuals from eight different species visit reliably, and several more species are occasional visitors or can be found on the property in winter.  Our Winter Feeder Birds workshop is the perfect opportunity for you to learn more about our feathered neighbours.  

What specific niche do these different species occupy, so as to avoid competition with each other within the same general habitat?  Do you know the difference between a Downy Woodpecker and a Hairy Woodpecker?  Where do our bright yellow “canaries” go in the winter?  The Winter Feeder Birds workshop has the answers to all of this — and more!

The indoor presentation incorporates a mix of live and preserved bird specimens, drawn and photographic images, and audio files to teach you how to identify over a dozen common winter birds of the local area.  For those interested in getting involved in Citizen Science research, we can share tips and ideas for monitoring bird populations both at home and in the community.  The workshop ends with a short outdoor excursion to investigate bird-friendly featurs of the surrounding habitat.

Booking is by appointment, as this 1-1.5 hour daytime presentation is customized to the age, interest and abilities of the group.  Families welcome! Fees apply ($30); recommended maximum group size is 15 participants.  Binoculars are available to borrow.

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