June 5 (Friday): Dispatches From The Field – Evening Program

Have you ever wondered what ecological field work is all about?  Tonight is your chance to find out!  What happens in the field stays in the field… until now.  Join the hosts of the popular blog “Dispatches in the Field” for an evening of slide show presentations, interactive demonstrations, and short stories around the campfire from researchers, resource managers and others as they share the trials, tribulations and necessary humour of working in and with nature.  As night falls, we will venture into the wilds of the Elbow Lake property in search of our own stories from the field!

Fees apply: Participate for the evening at our day use fee ($8/adult or $4/youth under 16), or book your family/group into a cabin and stay overnight for a full “in the field” experience!  Meet 7 pm in the Pavilion.  Drop-ins are welcome, but overnight guests must book accommodation in advance.

Are you a student, and involved in your school’s environmental group or Eco-Team?  Ask your teacher about ELEEC’s special rate for you and your family to participate in this event!

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