Invasive Species Eradication using the Extractigator

The Extractigator(R) is a Canadian-made plant pulling tool that is quickly earning a reputation for being “guaranteed the easiest way to remove invasive plants – roots and all!”  Successfully used for non-chemical invasive shrub eradication by volunteers with the Royal Botanical Gardens, the Frontenac Stewardship Foundation has been offered the opportunity to demo some Extractigators – and we need your input!

Join a demonstration session and try pulling shrubs of up to 2 inches in diameter using the Extractigator.  Target species for eradication from the Elbow Lake property include European Buckthorn, Common Lilac and Black Locust.  Does the Extractigator easily and effectively remove these shrubs in their entirety?  Can people of all ages – form school-age children to older adults – comfortably operate the Extractigator?

Demonstrations will be offered at 10 am, 11 am, 1 pm and 2 pm.  Meet at the Maintenance Building, #1300 Hewlett Packard Ln.  Dress appropriately for the outdoors; work gloves and drinking water recommended.  There is no cost to attend a demonstration session.

Based on participant feedback, the Frotnenac Stewardship Foundation is considering purchasing some of these tools to loan to landowners and other invasive species managers in the local community.

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