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Photo by Chris Miner

Events Open to the Public

We offer workshops for adults and families, some of which run at Elbow Lake and others at the main site of the Queen's University Biological Station on Opinicon Lake. Check back frequently, as workshop scheduling is ongoing and details are added regularly.

The Elbow Lake Environmental Education Centre offers an intimate gathering space in a spectacular natural setting. Whether used for educational or environmental programming, amenities such as overnight accommodation, pedestrian trails, waterfront and a shared kitchen space come together to make this unique facility the ideal space for any workshop or community event. We are always looking for new partners and programming ideas, and would love to hear from you!


April 6 (Saturday)- Bird Feeder Workshop

Hosted By ELEEC

Join us Saturday, April 6  at Elbow Lake from 10am until noon to learn about birds that could visit your feeder this winter and make a cedar bird feeder to take home. You must register to attend this event. There is a $30 fee associated with building the bird feeder. You can choose between two styles.

Hopper Style Feeder: Includes walls and a roof to protect the seeds from the weather. This means you don't have to fill the feeder as often. This size feeder will attract most smaller birds while preventing larger species, like grackles, from monopolizing the feeder.

Table Style Feeder: A protected area where seeds can be spread and kept dry. Doesn't hold alot of seed so they need to be filled more often. Platform will drain to prevent water accumulation. These attract most species of birds, including ground feeding birds like juncos.

Register for this event here.

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