The Elbow Lake Environmental Education Centre (ELEEC) is the result of an agreement between the Queen’s University Biological Station (QUBS) and the Nature Conservancy of Canada (NCC). QUBS is one of the pre-eminent biological field stations in Canada known for research excellence and quality undergraduate learning experiences in field biology and other fields. NCC is Canada’s leading national land conservation organization that partners with corporate and landowners secure properties for conservation of biodiversity in perpetuity. The Education Centre was created in June 2011 to serve as a major site for environmental outreach and education for QUBS.

The Elbow Lake Environmental Education Centre can host a range of activities including school field trips, field courses, club meetings, individual or group retreats, and small conferences. We welcome visits from educators, academics and conservation partners, and would be pleased to work with you to offer customized programming specific to your interests and needs.

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Elbow Lake: Rising to the (Commuter) Challenge (Posted on June 11, 2014)

To celebrate Canadian Environment Week (June 1-7, 2014) and demonstrate our commitment to active and sustainable transportation, Elbow Lake staff has registered for the Commuter Challenge. This friendly competition between Canadian cities and workplaces encourages employees to leave their cars at home in favour of walking, cycling, carpooling, public transit and telecommuting.

While most of us walk, cycle and/or carpool to our work sites on campus or at Elbow Lake, this week the seven of us decided to try something a little more challenging and a lot more fun: We commuted by bicycle 30 km north from Queen’s campus to the Elbow Lake Environmental Education Centre! Two of us rode the full 60 km round-trip, a couple more rode 30 km one-way trips, and three people carpooled through Kingston traffic to ride a more rural 40 km out-and-back. Our bikes ranged from “Canadian Tire Specials” to more higher-end models, and our experienced ranged from “I own a bike…” to avid cyclist. But we all did it, and we did it as a team!

Congratulations, everyone, for an amazing effort in the 2014 Commuter Challenge!

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